Having the ability to give an engaging and informative software presentation is a valuable and necessary skill in the tech industry. Many people have tried to find the secret to delivering a great presentation. When it comes down to it, there is no replacement for hard work, determination, and quality research.

Practice, Practice, Practice

The number one rule I tell anyone who is preparing to deliver a presentation is you can never give too many mock presentations. Think of yourself as an actor who has to deliver a gripping monologue on stage. The actor will rehearse that monologue hundreds of times in different tones, at different tempos, and emphasizing different words until it sounds perfect. Giving a presentation is no different. Once you are satisfied with how the presentation sounds in your head, record yourself giving the presentation on video. Make sure you take into account how you move in front of the audience, what you do with your hands, and how loudly you speak. Every detail should be accounted for so that when it comes to giving the presentation, you don’t even have to think about what you are going to say or how you are going to say it. Leave the thinking for any questions you may encounter

Know your Audience

If you are presenting on a brand new software to a room full of thought leaders in the tech industry, then you won’t need to explain how the cloud works to them. You want to respect your audience’s intelligence and their time by eliminating detailed explanations on industry standard information. On the contrary, if you are speaking to a college class, you will need to be mindful of explaining and defining terms in more detail. One thing you can do, regardless of who you are talking to, is express how passionate you are about your product. A presenter with passion will be much more enjoyable to listen to. Keep your audience engaged by presenting on what the software does and how it can be utilized. If you are trying to sell the software to a client, then be sure to SHOW them how the software will best suit them instead of just listing bullet points on the benefits of your software. Each presentation you give should be tailored to your audience to show your level of commitment to them.

Encourage Dialogue

The reason we practice our presentations so much is not so we can stand in front of our audience and talk AT them, but rather so we can talk TO them and be knowledgeable about our product. Everyone can remember sitting through lectures in school when the teacher stood in the front of the class and talked for 40 minutes until the bell rang. We do not want to be that teacher.  People are going to have questions, comments, and concerns. By engaging with your audience, you will give them the assurance that you are there for their benefit.

Be Authentic

There can be no doubt in your mind that your product is the best solution for your audience. If you are just trying to sell them without being honest and direct, they will see right through you. If you come to find that your product is not the best solution for them, just be honest and tell them they may have better results somewhere else. The best businesses partnerships are built by honest, dedicated, hard working people who are transparent with each other. You are trying to build relationships with your audience that will create lasting partnerships. A quick sale should not be something that is ever considered. Consider investing time and effort into developing new business relationships the same way you develop your software. If you just throw it together to get it done in time, it will inevitably fail.  

Display Confidence

Public speaking is something that terrifies so many people, and there is no room for fear when you are presenting. Everything you say and do should be done with confidence portray your expertise to the audience. You shouldn’t just have confidence in yourself, but also in the product you are presenting. Let your passion for your product carry you through your presentation if you are ever feeling hesitant or nervous. You didn’t invest all the time, effort, and money into developing a new product just to crumble while you are presenting it to your audience.

By focusing on your software and keeping your audience’s best interests in mind you will be able to deliver a strong, compelling presentation. Be aware that your presentation will likely never go how you expected it to, and you should always be striving to make improvements moving forward.