A great leader is not built overnight, and they certainly don’t get to a leadership position passively. It takes a lot of hard work, determination, and perseverance to truly become a great leader, and once you get to that position, it takes twice the amount of work to stay on top. While there are various methods and styles people use to lead, there are a few traits that every leader must possess in order to lead effectively.


It is one of the most important traits in all aspects in life, and it holds true in leadership as well. Great leaders are determined to be the best they can be in all aspects of life, and that determination will have a trickle-down effect onto their team. When a leader displays the will to succeed and improve every day, it will inspire everyone around them to do the same. This collective determination will bring the team closer together while providing a great foundation for growth and advancement.


A leader is only as good as the people they are working with and the culture they create. Enthusiasm goes a long way to motivate everyone around you, and it will keep morale high. An enthusiastic leader will have the ability to motivate and inspire people to work hard and adopt the culture that they are trying to create throughout the company.

Lead by Example

Getting your hands dirty and showing that no job is below you is one of the best ways to show your support for your team. Having a strong knowledge of every job you oversee, and being able to competently execute each job, will go a long way to gaining the support of your team. Situations will always arise where someone on your team will not be available. By being able to step in and fill that position will allow you to stay productive and moving forward as an organization.

Thick Skin

There are a lot of challenges that go into leading a group of individuals, and they can often lead to making tough decisions. Without a thick skin, you may begin to dwell on these decisions and let them affect your emotions and well-being. Being able to make rational decisions without letting your emotions get the best of you will allow you to grow your business and move forward towards your goals.


Being open minded will allow you to take criticism and suggestions from the people you surround yourself with. A closed mind will only hinder your growth, and it will discourage those around you from presenting great ideas that could propel your business to the next level.

The leadership role is one that is always changing and evolving, and it is unique to each individual and situation. By honing in on these traits, you will lay a solid foundation based on growing and succeeding as a team.