Running a successful business is not something that many people are able to do. There are constant trials and tribulations that come with running a business that must be overcome to rise to the top of any industry. If you ask any successful CEO about overcoming adversity, you will hear a different story about their challenges. The common factor is that they all had challenges. The will to rise up after you get knocked down is one of the most important quality you can possess, not just as a CEO, but in all parts of life.

The reason many CEOs are able to run a successful business is because they do not dwell on their mistakes and setbacks. Instead, many CEOs will use their failures to learn where they went wrong, improve where they see the need for improvement, and make forward-thinking changes that will prevent those same setbacks from happening in the future.

There is a general misunderstanding by many young entrepreneurs about how difficult it is to run a profitable, successful business. There is also a mindset to avoid failure at all costs. I cannot name one CEO who has run a flawless business. That sort of business only exists in the movies, and even then there is some sort of issue that will create a compelling drama. There will be more challenges and pitfalls than you can ever imagine, and the way that you bounce back from those challenges will define you as a CEO. The only time you fail is when you give up and let those setbacks keep you down.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when they encounter hardships is to make excuses to justify what happened. The time and effort you spend on making excuses is taking away from the time and effort you should be spending on improving where you went wrong. The best CEOs in the world don’t make excuses, they make changes and improvements based on their failures.

The ability to get back up when you get knocked down is not like athletic ability or artistic talent. It is not something you are born with. It is a learned trait stemming from hard work, determination, and an unbreakable belief in yourself. This trait does not always need to be applied to business, nor should it. You should be determined to succeed in all aspects of your life. Every setback you encounter, no matter how small, should result in you moving forward with tenacity and determination that can only result in your eventual success.

Success is not something that happens overnight, and it certainly isn’t something that you can achieve consistently without hard work. The most satisfying feeling in the world is overcoming an onslaught of failures to eventually make it to your goal, and if you are determined to achieve that goal, you will.