Michael Koch CEO

Michael Koch, an originating pioneer of the Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and SaaS industries, is the Chief Executive Officer of HubKonnect, Chairman of the QSR AI Research Lab, and Founder and Chairman of Koch Global Ventures. Michael’s expertise lies in developing new ventures and high-performance tech platforms that are able to grow rapidly, securely, effectively, and globally.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Big Data

Digital Production

Data Science


Michael brings his tenacity as an entrepreneur, visionary, investor, and operator to every client of HubKonnect. As a young tech founder, he built and exited four tech companies that have delivered for many of the top global brands such as P&G, Visa, Fed Ex, McDonald’s, Google, Pepsi Co, Mars, Campbell’s, Nike, AT&T, and Microsoft. Michael understands success requires a keen understanding of business vision, global delivery process, and cutting edge technology required to optimize data into actionable insights.


Michael is known for his visionary and bold leadership style. As former Captain of the Wake Forest University Football Team, he understands the leadership needed to excel and win in athletics and now business. Michael prides himself in sparking passion and innovation and having the innate ability to build high-performance teams and technologies on an international scale.

Michael’s favorite quote is, “The speed of the leader determines the rate of the pack,” and there is no doubt he sets a tenacious pace for his companies to follow.

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