The confluence of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain.

Over my career I have created and implemented some of the most complex AI platforms for the top retail companies in the world. I have seen so many tech trends come and go, but one thing I see that excites me in today’s world is the possible symbiotic relationship between Blockchain and some of the new AI Models my team is creating at HubKonnect. These two technologies could create perhaps the world’s most reliable technology-enabled decision-making system.

Individually, both very powerful, but when fused together working in a symbiotic relationship is almost the panacea of the internet and a must for the future of tech. What is exciting about the work I have been doing, that future is here today. The integration of these technologies is what galvanizes, saves, and address the issues with security and scalability for AI Models.
Authentic Data is what blockchain brings to AI. AI then can augment decision making to a superhuman level with this immutable data. Data that cannot be changed or manipulate as there are Hard coded rules or consensus protocols

With Blockchain technology, there are immutable records of all the data, variables, processes used by AI in its decision-making process. Blockchain creates trust in the conclusions drawn by AI programs and what data was used to base the decision. With the ability to create autonomously executing contracts, Smart contracts, I can automate processes and scale this across any industry.

AI gets smarter and better with this quality data. The both enhance each other. I am all about real world applications. All Industries now have data at their core. The way I look at it Blockchain Brings Trust, specifically trust to data. AI Feeds on data.

On the other hand. AI brings Intelligence to data, blockchain has ledgers that contain Data. So, the fusion of quality data into a powerful AI algorithm brings an output that is unrivaled in tech.

Now AI algorithms can read this individual, secure data, and tailor to the needs of the business or individual. The layer of AI that we build on top of the new data structures on the blockchain now evaluates data, learns from the data instead of the blockchain just collecting the data.

This is the effect. With trust and intelligence, you have confidence. With confidence you gain adoption. Real world adoption by the world’s biggest brands result is smarter, faster, and more accurate results. Truly intelligent, and scalable solution. A giant step towards taking bias out of any AI Algorithm

Clean reliable data makes the best AI. As innovators and builders, we should explore all the ways to create immutable data, data that cannot be changed after it has been created. This is what will ensure we take bias out of the AI Algorithms as the data can’t be modified