How to Bootstrap an AI Startup by Michael Koch

When you take venture capital money, investors will shape everything from your strategy and product to your thought process. That may not be best for what you’re offering, especially in the AI space, which is why I recommend bootstrapping your AI startup: You don’t have any other hands in the cookie jar. Bootstrapping can serve as […]

This AI Entrepreneur Fasts for 23 Hours a Day. He Says it Helps Him Get to the ‘Most Extreme Levels.’

The founder of an AI platform says he eats the same meal every day because it helps him perform at his peak. Michael Koch generally fasts for 23 hours a day, eating around noon. Once a week, though, he fasts for 48 hours, and once a month, he fasts for 72 hours. This schedule puts […]

The Performance CEO: An Extreme Cognitive Protocol for Entrepreneurial Success

What If You Could Turn Your Brain Into a Super Computer? One that works smarter, faster, longer, and harder than those of your competitors? What if, within 45 days, you could become the smartest, strongest, leanest, most focused, and most driven person you know? A decade ago, I asked myself those same questions. I set […]

I’m An Entrepreneur And Here’s How I Use Brain Hacks to Maximize Performance

Entrepreneurship is one of the most demanding professions, so why wouldn’t we optimize our performance the way athletes do in the NFL, NBA, and MLB? For an entrepreneur, the brain is the most important asset and organ in the body to make cognitive performance a competitive advantage. The more focus we have on optimizing our […]

15 Ways Predictive Analytics Can Help Businesses Boost Their CX

Every business leader would love to be able to predict the future. While there’s no infallible, all-encompassing business “crystal ball” or clear window into customers’ minds, there is predictive analytics. By reviewing historical data on sales, customer behaviors, buying patterns and more, businesses can better understand what customers really need from and value in their […]

20 New And Enhanced Roles AI Could Create

With the exploding use of ChatGPT and other artificial intelligence tools across industries, many skilled and knowledge workers worry about AI disrupting or even eliminating their jobs. However, tech experts assert that AI is just another in a series of tech tools that are intended to help humans—not replace them. Indeed, as its use grows, […]

Analysis: Is AI Coming for Retail Jobs?

 Artificial intelligence (AI) is opening opportunities for retail giants to cut costs and boost efficiency, with many worried  about the prospects of job cuts and mass layoffs. The latest research by the Centre for Retail Research (CRR) highlighted astonishing job cuts in the retail sector, with nearly 15,000 jobs lost so far in 2023. The majority […]

Dunkin’ Brands offers AI marketing to US locations with HubKonnect partnership

HubKonnect’s marketing platform uses artificial intelligence to create hyperlocal marketing plans tailored for individual restaurants in the Dunkin’ Brands network Dunkin’ Brands, the company which includes Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins in its portfolio, is partnering with HubKonnect to offer marketing solutions driven by artificial intelligence (AI) to its franchisees around the U.S. as they consider what local […]

I’m a CEO who wakes up at 3:45 a.m. without an alarm clock. These 11 sleep hacks helped me become a better leader.

This as-told-to essay is based on a conversation with Michael Koch, a 45-year-old cofounder and CEO of HubKonnect from New York City, about his sleep hacks. It’s been edited for length and clarity. As a high achiever in the tech industry, where I focus on AI, I’ve created my own protocol to optimize my performance as a […]

AI Explosion: Golden Age or Market Saturation?

From our voice-activated morning alarms to algorithms predicting the next big thing in stocks, artificial intelligence (AI) has undoubtedly entrenched itself in our daily lives. But as AI continues its meteoric rise, a pivotal question emerges: Are we reveling in the zenith of AI’s capabilities or are we teetering on the brink of an oversaturated […]

18 Tech Leaders Share Smart Practices Their Work Has Taught Them

For tech leaders, each new project undertaken can teach new lessons. Some of them lead to effective technical strategies, while others impact the ways they approach foundational tasks including project planning and team building throughout their careers. The members of Forbes Technology Council are seasoned leaders who bring a wealth of experience to the industry. Here, 18 […]

AI and Big Data for the Quick Service Industry: Looking Back on 2021 and Industry Trends for 2022

I am constantly in the boardroom with the top Quick Service Restaurant CMO’s and CEO across this industry. As we map out their unique AI, Data, and digital strategies for 2022, there are consistent themes we see across the entire industry. This inspired me to outline the industry’s best and most innovative trends for the […]

How To Use Digital Transformation To Take Your Company To The Next Level

Patience and the ability to identify and build strong teams with great team members and combine that with technology partners will drive growth and innovation. Find and hire smart people and make sure they aren’t “Yes” men or women. Healthy disagreement is a must to get to the best solution. As part of our series about […]

HubKonnect Continues to Grow as AI Leader in Restaurant Technology

HubKonnect is an award-winning AI platform that has risen to the top of the quick-service restaurant technology globally. Under the leadership of Michael Koch, this AI platform is being used by top companies and growing at a high velocity that can only be accelerated by fearless leadership. The HubKonnect AI brain utilizes millions of real-world […]

CEO Spotlight: Michael Koch the Global CEO with a Local Tech Focus

The future is AI. We hear that quote often and with mass adoption of this cutting-edge tech, believe it to be true. But we seldom ponder upon who is working hard behind closed doors, in the board rooms of the elite tech companies in the world to make this a reality. One of these next […]

AI Tech Entrepreneur Michael Koch Biohacks Brain with Extreme Daily Protocol to Fuel Business Success

Everyone wants to be stronger and succeed at business — but do you have what it takes? Glamour Buff recently talked with tech entrepreneur, Michael Koch, the founder and CEO of HubKonnect, a leading AI-enabled marketing platform for franchise restaurants. The purpose of the interview was to learn how he uses a scientific approach to biohack […]

Get To Know Michael Koch: Tech Entrepreneur Who Is An Originating Pioneer Of AI, Machine Learning, and SaaS Industries

Get To Know Michael Koch: Tech Entrepreneur Who Is An Originating Pioneer Of AI, Machine Learning, and SaaS Industries He brings his experience as an entrepreneur, visionary, investor, and operator to every deal in Koch Global Ventures. As a tech mogul in the AI space, Michael has built companies that have delivered digital services to […]

What do AI Cognitive Systems Mean for Business?

There is a lot of conversation happening around big data, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics as of late. Yet, how these cognitive systems can help your business is still unclear to many senior executives.  Cognitive Computing is based on self-learning systems that use machine learning techniques to perform specific, human-like tasks in an […]

Useful Distinctions in Predictive Analytics

I have a lot of discussions with people who work in the tech world and sometimes it can be tricky understanding the differences in some of the disciplines, which causes people to use terms interchangeably. The disciplines have their own unique attributes so I thought I’d write a blog defining some of these disciplines more […]

A Day in the Life of Artificial Intelligence

We live in the golden age of AI – at a critical stage where we are seeing massive advancements in the world of machine learning. Many think that we are still quite far away from a world where machines are able to learn and evolve by themselves, but we only need to look at our […]